With over 20 years experience, we are happy to offer a consultancy service to share our thoughts and ideas wth you. Some of the services we offer are listed below, but please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss further.

Menu Tasting


A valuable discussion about your menu and a tasting of some of your dishes - all from an experienced and critical professional friend.

Creating a menu of balanced appeal at the right price for your market is difficult enough. The real test however is ensuring that your menu is cooked and executed correctly so that flavours are fresh, vibrant and accurate, and your customers keep coming back.

Menu Review - a discussion and review of your menu taking into account seasonality, menu balance and diner expectations.

Dish Tasting - we will assess a number of your dishes and provide feedback relating to quality and flavour.

WIne List - your list is reviewed for its layout, content and market positioning Typically, the session takes around three hours with a sampling of a selection of new ideas or dishes from your existing menu.

You (and your team) are involved in the tasting. In addition, we will ask broad questions about your kitchen purchasing and storage, and provide an overview on how well your cooking is matched to your market.

£300 + VAT

Mystery Guest


Regent offers an overnight mystery guest programme, which benchmarks your standards in your market sector.

We will review (and measure) all areas of the guest experience; all booking and front desk service, the performance of your bars and restaurants, the quality and comfort of your bedroom and bathroom, and the quality of cooking at breakfast, dinner, room service and afternoon tea.

We will also examine housekeeping standards and the friendliness and attitude of your team of staff. The approach includes specific yes/no questions for accurate benchmarking and also a free-flow consumer style commentary.

Additional services can include debrief to Heads of Department and/or related staff training.

£650 + VAT

Dining Experience


What makes a memorable dining experience?

This is a question much overlooked in favour of 'How can I make money?'

They are in fact the same question. We look at what makes a memorable dining experience and focus on the key elements crucial to delivering a dining package your diners will remember.

  • Quality of Food
  • The Venue
  • The Menu
  • The Wine List
  • Your Staff & their contribution

This is typically a half day training seminar for your F&B team.

£350 + VAT